About Me

Nan Li is a HCI research professional with more than 5 years’ R&D experience from renowned institutions, including RWTH Aachen and Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne in Switzerland. He is currently a doctoral researcher at the CHILI lab of EPFL, focusing on HCI topics regarding collaborative and educational technologies.

During his past years, he has been exploring new ways of interaction, with a particular interest in post-desktop user interfaces for smart environments, mobile and ubiquitous computing, and interactive tabletops. Currently, he is conducting data-driven user research on the technological and pedagogical design of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). With computer science background, Nan has solid skills in building interactive computing systems. As a HCI professional, he is also familiar with design principles, techniques and tools for iterative designs. His core expertise lies in his proficiency in applying both qualitative and quantitative user experience research methods in the design process.

His experienced skills include the following:

Design : brainstorming, storyboarding, high/low fidelity prototyping, wireframing
Implementation : Java / JavaFX, C# / WPF, C++ / Openframeworks, Python, Objective-C, HTML5
Evaluation : heuristic evaluation, usability testing
Research : field-study, interview, survey, pilot study, experiment design
Analysis : parametric / non-parametric tests, correlation, regression, linear mixed model, R
Field : interactive tabletop, contextual search / collaborative / tangible / mobile interface, MOOCs

His career goal is to work in the field of HCI, IxD or UX. As he is experienced in design, implementation and evaluation of computer-based technologies, he would like to become a user experience designer, researcher, analyst or consultant.

LinkedIn : http://ch.linkedin.com/in/nanlee

Website :  http://nanlee.weebly.com


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